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Water Testing

Sometimes people complain that the water is turning their bath blue – a sign of water with too high acidity. Or it may be turning the bath brown, a sign of iron deposits.

Before selling you anything, About Water will recommend a laboratory for testing and we will get a comprehensive report on the problem. This means customers are not wasting their money on hit-or-miss cures. A scientific diagnosis is made so the right filtration system can be installed. Specialising in lifestyle blocks for untreated water, iron acidity and coliform.

Rob Mason of About Water is a professional who is dedicated to providing all his customers with the purist water possible.

Water Cooler Hire

Water Cooler Hire

Want cool water when you need it? Try a Water Cooler!

A water cooler that self fills, chills and delivers pure healthy water and all you do is grab a glass.

Rent a water cooler as there is no need to refill heavy bottles and we regularly service the equipment to ensure the supply of healthy water.

We hire a range of water coolers out at affordable prices.

If you want to have a water cooler in your office or workplace give us a call on 0800 274 677 and we'll find the best option for you.

Servicing & Maintenance

We replace cartridges (fit it for free) with purchases of our own catridges within the Whakatane, EBOP, Rotorua and Taupo area.


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Problems & Solutions

P: Water dirty or cloudy due to grit or sediment particles.
S: Multimedia sandfilter, in line strainer or washable pleated cartridge filter.

P: Hard water causing scale build up on water heating elements and kettles. Difficulty getting soap to lather.
S: Water softener. 

P: Low pH and soft acidic water causing green/blue staining on whiteware. Corrosion of copper hot water cylinders and plumbing. Metallic taste.
S: pH correcting neutralising filters. 

P: Taste and odour or chlorine. 
S: Activated carbon water filters/purifiers.

P: Bacterial or viral contamination, faecal coliform count.
S: Ultra-violet disinfection.

P: Giardia or Cryptosporidium cyst contamination.
S: One micron filtration.

P: Taste and odour problems in water storage tanks. Bacterial build up in tanks or pipe work.
S: Hydro Pure.  

P: Red/brown or yellow staining, metallic taste or rusty deposits due to the presence of iron and Manganese.
S: Iron removal system ie. Greensand, Pyrolox filter, DMI-65 filters. 

P: Sprays, pesticides or chemicals.
S: Activated carbon water filters/purifiers.

P: Heavy metals, aluminium, boron or salty water.
S: Reverse osmosis or distillation. 

P: Nitrates, nitrites or ammonia. 
S: Nitrate removal cartridge filter. 

P: Iron and manganese oxide and slime build up on bore screens, pumps and pipe work.
S: BoreSaver Ultra C.


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