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Water Softeners

Excessive hardness in water due to high levels of calcium carbonate will cause scale buildup on pipes and particularly water heating elements. Also there will be difficulty getting soap and detergents to lather. All these problems can be eliminated efficiently and automatically using an Autotrol Water Softener. These utilise the ion exchange process where the calcium is replaced with the more soluble sodium. This is all done automatically using a timer control which allows the water softener resin bed to backwash and regenerate with a brine solution as required.


Control Valve: Autotrol 255 with 440 Timer
Softener Tank: ABS lined fibreglass reinforced exterior
Brine Tank: Polyethylene - moulded high density


Neutralising Filters

Neutralising Filters

Are you having acidic water problems, green / blue staining from copper corrosion?
Low pH makes water very acidic and aggressive towards metal plumbing and fittings. This is often results in high levels of metals such as copper, iron, zinc dissolving into the water. This can cause a bitter metallic taste and usually leaves green/blue staining on baths and basins. Failure of fittings is also very common because of this corrosion with copper hot water cylinders being most at risk.

All of these problems can easily be corrected by using a pH neutralising filter which allows acidic water to flow through a bed of specially prepared granulated limestone known as Akdolit. This elevates the pH in a natural and safe way without the addition of any chemicals.


Operation and maintenance is very simple.
Backwash for 5 minutes once a week and every 2 or 3 months replenish with fresh media as required. (Use only Akdolit Media)


Iron Removal Filters

Iron Filters

Dissolved (ferrous) iron above 1.5 ppm can only be effectively reduced by first oxidizing it to precipitate it into a physical form (ferric) and then entrapping those physical lumps.

The AIRS 1252 is a fully automatic manganese greensand filter that performs all of these requirements in the one unit. With either the fully automated or microprocessor head, the AIRS 1252 is almost a set-and- forget system.

Reduction in iron concentrations can be quite dramatic depending upon other constituents present in the water, but upwards of 95% reduction is not uncommon. In worst case situations, reductions of around 80% might only be achievable.

A 460i Control Head actually measures volume throughput and regenerates the greensands with more timely accuracy than a standard clock day timer.
The brine tank holds potassium permanganate (KMnO4) used to regenerate the manganese greensands during the back flush and wash cycle.

It is important that the drain to waste does not flow directly into natural waterways.

Greensand is a naturally occuring mineral that consists of large dark greenish grains of glauconite. Manganese greensand is processed to incorporate the higher oxides of manganese into its pores and onto its surface.


Sand Filters

Sand Filters

Sand filters are the oldest and most basic form of water filtration and originally consisted of large volumes of sand through which water simply percolated. Modern systems however now include various media layers which allows much more efficient filtration in smaller vessels.


Multi-media sand filters normally consist of three media layers (ie. support base gravel, micro screened sand and anthracite) and are a very economical means of primary filtration to remove the bulk of suspended solids. They are particularly efficient on surface waters for the removal of grit, sediment, turbidity and organic matter but also widely used on oxidised iron ('rust') and other precipitated contaminants such as manganese or scale particles.

Multi-media filters are periodically backwashed (either automatically or manually) by simply reversing the flow and this flushes to waste the accumulated sediment and also regrades the filter media layers.

Operation and maintenance is extremely simple. After initial set-up, the system is virtually self sustaining. With the Performa Head, back-flushing and clearing of trapped contaminates occurs automatically.


Water Softeners & Neutralisers


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