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In-Line Water Coolers

Inline Water Cooler

Working in this industry we can see and predict the future changes of the way our offices and homes are run. Every day we get a little more efficient, this is where we see the trend in water coolers going - towards plumbed in-line machines.

As you can see they come in two sizes and also two models. You can choose hot and cold or cool and cold models in either size.

In-line coolers are very cost effective and will save you money in the long run especially if you are or considering buying water. Why buy water when your cooler can filter its own water?

In-line coolers have huge advantages over any other cooler on the market, here's why;

Advantages of in-line rental coolers:

Environmentally more sustainable (no one is driving around delivering water!
Save money no bottles to buy
No bottles to manually change
Huge Cold capacity of 14 litres cool water (the largest on the market)
Very hygienic as they are a sealed unit with air filtration
Has a lower carbon footprint
Set and Forget once installed
Constantly pure filtered water supplied to the cooler
We only use the best quality water filters that are on the market
Twin tap models with cool/cold or hot/cold available
All models have cup holders available


Bottle Top Water Coolers

Bottle Top Water Coolers

Bottle top coolers are great if you want a cooler you can move around when you want. If your thinking of a more long term solution we recommend you look at the in-line cooler above, it will save you money in the long run.

As you can see they come in two sizes and also two models. You can choose hot and cold or cool and cold models in either size.

If you are renting then with these coolers we give you a water filter to refill the bottle with when it runs out. The filter we supply is the best on that market and removes a full range of heavy metals, chlorine, pesticides and chemicals.

We don't deliver water as we believe if you are on town water this is a serious waste of everyone's resources and your money.


Under Sink Water Coolers

Under Sink Cooler

Under sink coolers or chillers are normally installed with an underbench water filter, usually the KDF/GAC underbench system. This ensures a good quality of water filtration and means it automatically is installed with a pressure reducing valve.

We have these units working in restaurants, cafés, schools, kitchens, offices, homes anywhere there is cold water needed, with out the look of a large water cooler.

They are a sealed unit which means they remain very hygienic and only require the minimum maintenance on an annual basis. They also need ventilation if they are installed inside closed cupboards such as under a kitchen sink.


Water Coolers for Hire

Water Coolers for Hire

Want cool water when you need it? Try a Water Cooler!

A water cooler that self fills, chills and delivers pure healthy water and all you do is grab a glass.

Rent a water cooler as there is no need to refill heavy bottles and we regularly service the equipment to ensure the supply of healthy water.

We hire a range of water coolers out at affordable prices.

If you want to have a water cooler in your office or workplace give us a call on 0800 274 677 and we'll find the best option for you.


Water Fountains

Water Fountain

Water Fountain

PPF-10 Fountain

New Zealand Made
Hygienic Design
Internal Filtration
Easy to clean

Vandal Resistant Construction
No sharp egdes or corners
Wall Mounted
Sturdy (made from the same material as farm tanks)

The RM Series

Under Sink Cooler

The RM Series of mains pressure, fountain style water coolers are a  World first design.  Featuring a rotational moulded, polyethylene cabinet that provides unique colour options, durability and of course is 100% rust proof.  Designed in Australia and exported to the world.



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